Ready Set Fun

British Columbia – unrivaled wild beauty and complexity combine to make these one of the world’s most breathtaking and challenging cruising grounds. 

The perfect place to train.

Whether you seek to calm harbours with live music, remote anchorages with endless stargazing, or to set sail for distant shores – our team of expert power and sail instructors will help you achieve your goals.

Choose from the courses below or email us to create a custom program for you and your crew.


Beginners & All Boat Owners

Courses designed to build competence and skills for crew and skippers to train, refresh, and prepare for every adventure.

Check Ride Weekend

2023 Charter Clients Only

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Beginner Crew Course

Join us for a beginner day sailing program on Granville Island. 

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Bay Skipper Course

Round out your FUNdamentals as a day sailing skipper in sheltered waters.

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Power Course

This course is the perfect program to teach you the fundamentals and rudiments of boat operation under power of up to 75hp.

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Docking Clinic

Learn the theory and hands on practice handling a medium-sized sail or power boat with inboard diesel and wheel steering.

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Diesel Clinic

A weekend of hands on and theory to make you far more comfortable with that key source of propulsion.

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Master this Essential Safety Equipment

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Refresher Clinic

Join us for this 2-day refresher weekend and brush up on your skills.

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Coastal Navigation

Have a great time learning where you are and how to get to your favourite place in the playground!

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Beginner Cruise & Learn

Live aboard a 30-40′ sail or power boat and learn what you need to start cruising.

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Experienced & Bareboat Skippers

Immersive experiences that train skippers how to keep their vessels and crews safe in unfamiliar waters.   

Intermediate Bareboat Skipper Cruise & Learn

Become a self-sufficient coastal skipper on this 7-day course.

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COMING SOON Adv. Navigation

Stay tuned for details.

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Stay tuned for details.

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Advanced & Adventurous

Advanced courses designed to prepare skippers to plan and execute journeys requiring high levels of self-sufficiency and skill. Perfect for skippers who dream of cruising north to Alaska, down the coast to Mexico, or making a crossing to distant shores, these boundary-pushing adventures provide experience in dynamic weather patterns, big winds, and complex tidal rapids.

10-Day Advanced Sail

Push your boundaries and explore British Columbia’s most complex areas.

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Around Vancouver Island

Circumnavigate Vancouver Island’s 700 nm of picturesque coastline and cross this off your bucket list.

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Instructors Course

Share your passion.

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