Your boating lifestyle path may take you towards owning a boat and our first three service categories are areas where we can help with that type of experience.

Boat Coach is a new mindset in lifetime learning, so feel free to check in with that no matter where you are and know that we aim to help you with YOUR GOALS. Boat Coach is a combination of free tips and paid programs that can be done anywhere as we all embrace that NEVER STOP LEARNING mantra.

Yacht Spa

Cooper originated as a boat builder and one of our specialties is a unique understanding of how boats are put together. With marine technology running rampant on motors, furnaces, electronics and more… our focus is on those things that flow from a team who puts them all together. As (floating) property managers, we’re generalists and have a rolodex full of specialists (yup, we’re THAT old too). Beyond that background, our processes and technology circle around scheduling technology… no more waiting around for someone to do a job on your boat. 

Bring your boat to our SPA for a full ‘microderm abrasion’ and ‘mani/pedi’. In our terms, that’s cut polish, wax, basic brightwork and metal polishing. We can also come to you!

We’ve been cleaning, winterizing and preparing boats for years. We are very excited that our team is the first to be using a breakthrough technology to remediate and prevent mold and other toxins from growing inside boats.

The intelligent chemistry in PURIFYD® is the world’s strongest, most effective disinfectant. It has been registered with the US EPA as environmentally safe and Health Canada as safe for all applications including food handling.

This system has proven very effective in applications including Recreational Vehicles (Land Yachts?) and commercial operators from the Coast Mountain Bus Company through the RCMP. Marine trials are taking place in our fleet starting with the training boats we own and now expanding to privately owned boats we manage . We are delighted with the exceptional results so far – and we look forward to expanding the service to any local yacht owners.

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Boat Nanny

Leaving your boat completely unattended is about as smart as leaving a baby to play with a hand grenade. Boats are like kids and our team would love to be your nanny. We have packages starting at $149/month to check your boat weekly and before/after any wind warnings. A prudent owner will also add a boat wash at least every month to keep their baby clean. Let us do that for you.

From there, you can turn to us for routine maintenance and any upgrades you would like to explore. In 2020, we are excited to unveil online logs similar to those already used for our charter fleet owners. All work managed by your Cooper Boat Nanny will be part of our online records and scheduling software. No more guessing about what’s been taken care of – transparent logs and the ability to coordinate different suppliers – available 24/7 through your secure login.

One owner of a boat we managed introduced us as his “Boat Nanny”. ‘Mrs Doubtfire’??? -we thought…. it STUCK and it’s our absolute privilege and pleasure!

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Ownership Programs

Boats should be heavy on enjoyment, light on hassle – all at minimal cost.
In order to achieve that, a boat managed in a charter program or for multiple owners remains a great idea.

We’ve been managing boats for owners in charter with a comprehensive approach handling moorage, insurance, maintenance/monitoring, reservations and many other aspects of the experience since 1983. We’re rolling that out for boats that have multiple owners sharing their vessel (with or without charter) now.

We’ll run the business, be your nanny and your coach when it’s time to make any decision.

Charter Ownership

Worldwide, many yachts are offered for charter by their owners. People ask us for our standard program and while every owner gets the same offer, many owners have different objectives. We can have two identical boats with radically different results because one owner is all about the financial performance and the other is all about their holidays, with extra time sold off to offset costs. Yes, we have owners who make money with their boats, but they have a more comprehensive strategy we’ve developed It all starts with your objectives.

Business First Owner

When people start asking about Return on their investment and so forth, it’s a great signal for us that we are to dial up the revenue, carefully manage the investment and couple it with buying low and selling high where ever possible. We have some great examples of financial success in the boat business, but success depends on the right opportunities and being in tune with the market. Success may or may not be the exact boat you want.

Vacation First Owner

You’ve always wanted a boat. You buy exactly the boat you want and book all the time that you want. We see that too, but we explain that on the business side, if you owned a bakery and ate half the pastry, there is some effect to that. Even so, we do have some very happy ‘vacation first’ owners.

Somewhere in the middle

Of course, many owners fall on a ‘spectrum’ between full business and just for pleasure. Our recommendations will flow from your objectives and we’ve been doing this sort for many years. Let’s determine what success looks like for you and what you’ll enjoy spending on your boat is time.

Fractional Ownership

If you’re not keen on the business approach, how about a setup where each user of a boat has an equal investment? People don’t find a bunch of friends and buy a building together, they buy a condo or timeshare. One physically splits the asset, and the other shares time. No magic here, you are on title for your share of the boat and we’re appointed to manage it for you.

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Boat Coach

COACHING – it’s why we exist 

We want to be on your team.  We’re curious about you – including the path that got you here and where you’d like to get to in the future.  We want to know what gives you great pleasure, and what brings on any particular fear or concern. We’ll reinforce what you are doing well and set a path for development so you can feel confident and experience personal growth on your terms. National and international standards exist – we’ll help you jump those hurdles as you are ready. We’ll push you when you’d like to be pushed.  We’ll relax with you when that’s the calling of the day. A great coach works for YOU


We’re blessed to be in the middle of an awesome corner of this water covered planet and there’s nothing we’d enjoy more than helping you get a taste of some unbelievable experiences. So check back here often as we build out some exciting new projects aimed squarely at helping you have more fun on the water. 


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Fractional Ownership

Ship control panel with steering wheel on the captain bridge

We have watched and helped numerous syndicates ranging from two owners sharing a boat in our charter fleet with a very simple (or no formal arrangement) through the birth of a totally programmed company dedicated to fractional ownership whereby attempts to plan EVERYTHING were made. The truth is, all that is really needed is some great basic rules and solid management. Our fractional program has the benefit of three permanent locations, chase boats at each, online tools and a group of people totally committed to taking care of people and their boats. Our office at Granville Island is open daily 360 days per year and we have emergency processes for after hours and those rare occasions there’s no human on duty in the office during normal hours.

The fundamental thought behind our fractional program is as follows:

  1. we assist to build a good ownership group
  2. if one owner finds it is not a fit, we help make a change for that owner
  3. if the whole ownership group finds there is not a fit, we facilitate selling the whole boat or stepping back as the manager of the boat allowing the owners complete flexibility

If you’ve ever toiled through a challenging strata group, you’ll appreciate the brilliance of this very simple approach.

Generally speaking, we advise owners to be no more than two on a charter vessel and no more than four on a non charter vessel. Exceptions can apply – let’s discuss. Book an appointment today.

If you are busy and cannot get full time use of a boat, sharing a boat should be an absolute dream. Our experience helps prevent the nightmare stories that can develop in an unplanned scenario.

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Upcoming courses

Whether you seek training in Canada with Cooper Boating or south of the border in Bellingham, WA with NW Explorations, here’s a look at the many training opportunities available.

For more information, email us at:





Oct 3 & 5

Oct 13

Oct 18

Oct 21

VHF/ROC(M) (Classroom) – Vancouver

Bay Skipper 1 – Vancouver

Coastal Navigation (Classroom) – Vancouver

Basic Power – Vancouver

November 19

VHF/ROC(M) – Online (Register by November 7)

January 9 & 16

VHF/ROC(M) – Online (Register by December 23, 2022)

March 2, 4, 5

March 9, 11, 12

March 10, 11, 12

March 25-31

Day Sail – Crew Course – Vancouver

Day Sail – Bay Skipper – Vancouver

Basic Power – Vancouver

Beginner Crew & Skipper Cruise & Learn – Sidney

April 8-10

April 9-10

April 9-10

April 9-10

April 13, 15, 16

April 14, 15, 16

April 13-17

April 15-17

April 20, 22, 23

April 22-24

April 27-May 1

April 21-28

April 23-May 3

3-day Power Boat Course – Bellingham with NW Explorations

2023 Charter Client Check-Ride Weekend – Sidney

Refresher Weekend – Sidney

Docking Clinic – Sidney

Day Sail – Crew Course – Vancouver

Basic Power – Vancouver

5-day Power Boat Course – Bellingham with NW Explorations

3-day Women on the Water Power Course – Bellingham with NW Explorations

Day Sail – Bay Skipper – Vancouver

3-day Power Boat Course – Bellingham with NW Explorations

5-day Power Boat Course – Bellingham with NW Exploration

Beginner Crew & Skipper Cruise & Learn – Sidney

10-day Advanced Sail – Sidney

May 4, 6, 7

May 4-8

May 6-8

May 6-8

May 6-13

May 7-8

May 7-8

May 7-8

May 11, 13, 14

May 12, 13, 14

May 13-15

May 18, 19, 20

May 18-22

May 20-22

May 20-22 

May 25-29

May 25, 27, 28

May 25-June 1

May 27-29

Day Sail – Crew Course – Vancouver

5-day Power Boat – Bellingham with NW Explorations

3-day Women on the Water Power Course – Bellingham with NW Explorations

3-day Power Boat Course – Bellingham with NW Explorations

Beginner Crew & Skipper Cruise & Learn (Sail) – Sidney

2023 Charter Client – Check-Ride Weekend – Vancouver

Refresher Weekend – Vancouver

Docking Clinic (Power & Sail) – Vancouver

Day Sail – Bay Skipper – Vancouver

Basic Power – Vancouver

3-day Power Boat – Bellingham with NW Explorations

Day Sail – Crew Course – Vancouver

5-day Power Boat – Bellingham with NW Explorations

3-day Women on the Water Power Course – Bellingham with NW Explorations

3-day Power Boat – Bellingham with NW Explorations

5-day Powerboat – Bellingham with NW Explorations

Day Sail – Bay Skipper – Vancouver

Beginner Crew & Skipper Cruise & Learn (Sail & Power)- Sidney

3-day Power Boat Course – Bellingham with NW Explorations

Sept. 29–Oct. 6

10-day Advanced Sail – Vancouver