Round the Island

Take 2 Weeks

In this course you will get the unique opportunity to leave your ability to see land behind, and begin to appreciate how much of our planet is occupied by water. This exciting offshore program is the perfect way to give this style of cruising a test drive. For some, it sets the wheels in motion for a lifetime of seamanship and exploration, and for other is s a special once in a lifetime experience.

This course is run as both a 7 day (standalone) and 14-day (combined with Advanced) adventure. Sailors will get to experience first-hand the unblemished beauty of the Western Coastline of Vancouver Island with the addition of sailing beyond the sight of land.

The 7 day format is perfect for those constrained by time.

The 14 day format is unique as it allows individuals who wish to complete both their Advanced and Offshore programs back to back in one journey. This program is a combined bundle involving the full curriculum for both levels. Program departs and returns to Vancouver.

Like the LEVEL THREE – ADVANCED PASSAGEMAKER, this course will be carried out on Alegria X, a fine vessel for such a wondrous journey.

Learning is the Gateway to Having Fun on the Water

Getting Down to Details

  • to partake, you should be a self sufficient coastal skipper with a well rounded background of experience
  • to become certified (Sail Canada), you will need the following:
    • Advanced Cruising (7 day format)
    • Advanced Coastal Navigation
    • VHF (ROC)
    • Celestial Navigation
    • Offshore Personal Survival Course
    • First Aid

This course is run in a 7 day or 14-day liveaboard format.

  • 14 day format starts and finishes in Vancouver and is bundled with the Advanced Passagemaker course
    • program boards Saturday at 0900 and concludes two weeks later before 1700hrs on Friday
  • 7 day format starts and finishes in Sidney
    • program boards Saturday at 0900 and concludes one week later before 1700hrs on Friday
  • Sail Canada Advanced Cruising Standard (14 day)
  • Sail Canada Offshore Standard (7 and 14 day)
  • study materials
  • certification fees (one program except two for 14 day format)
  • accommodation aboard the vessel
  • fuel & moorage fees (where applicable)
  • meals and beverages (non-alcoholic) aboard
  • personal sailing gear (have good ‘foulies’)
  • safety harness (can be part of an inflatable life jacket)
  • strobe light
  • sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries
  • transport to and from your starting base
  • coastal cruising
  • night sailing
  • advanced sail trim
  • standing watches
  • weather
  • boat balance
  • sailing on and off a dock / anchor
  • navigation theory
  • remote harbours
  • preparing for heavy weather and emergencies


Upon successful certification, your adventure more than qualifies you to charter here with us at Cooper Boating! The next step is to contact us or to surf this site and book around BC’s beautiful coast and islands.


If you are interested in taking your knowledge and passing it on to the next set of on water adventurers, our instructors course is the next step for you. Become certified and lead the very same courses that got you to where you are today!

Please contact our office for further details

Full payment is due at or within 90 days of a course start date. Cancellations made 91+ days prior to the course start date will be subject to a 10% plus tax cancellation fee. The remainder will be refunded via the original method of payment. Cancellations made less than 91 days prior to the course start date are ineligible for a refund. We cannot accept any changes less than 91 days prior to the course start date.


Welcome Aboard!

Round the Island

Take 2 Weeks

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  • 7 or 14 Days
  • Hands on Experience
  • Get the most from BC's Coastal Waters


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