VHF Radio Clinic

Two evenings to learn and obtain your Restricted Operator’s Certificate (Marine)


Brush up those skills in a fun one day session aboard a medium sized cruising sailboat with inboard diesel and furling genoa in this one day program.

Community Event

Don’t End up Lost at Sea never a great feeling to be lost we’ll introduce you to proper techniques for navigation and pilotage within the sight of land they’re called charts – not maps – and we’ll wander through what all those markings are on them, how to plot tracks, use the accompanying publications you’ll […]

Coastal Navigation

Have a great time learning where you are and how to get to your favourite place in the playground!

Docking Clinic

Learn the theory and hands on practice handling a medium sized sailboat with inboard diesel and wheel steering.

Instructors Course

If you are passionate about sailing, love people and sharing, this could be for you.