Not the best time to meet new people

If you have been travelling and returned to our region in the past two weeks, we would ask you not attend classes or any activities through our club at this time. All penalties tied to moving to a later date are waived in this critical time.

We love meeting new people who love boats, but let’s meet by phone for now.

Social distancing

Those of us who spend lots of time on the water know there’s nothing like solitude afloat. It can be your own private island shared only with immediate family and friends. It’s important to get away from groups and crowds – and that sounds a lot like cruising to us.

We live by fun first and safety always and are very pleased to be the only company certified to sell and apply the following treatment to boats:

Fleet safety

Any vessel you are on through us in this worrisome period will be treated with Purifyd and be swab tested to ensure it is at food safe standards immediately before your trip.

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