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how can you go boating MORE without buying a boat?

Check out our two innovative club membership programs which allow you unique ways to get on the water without your own boat. Our JIB SET club allows you to join groups while our CRUISING CLUB is appropriate if you have your own group to explore this magnificent coast.

Some fanatics belong to both clubs ~ joining GROUPS as part of our community at times & enjoying their OWN PRIVATE ADVENTURES at other times.

Our COOPER EVENTS feature plenty of variety, ranging from summer shoreside BBQ‘s to FREE MEMBER ONLY CLINICS to our world famous FLOTILLAS.

Members of both clubs receive special offers once per month that are reserved for MEMBERS ONLY

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Everyone’s Sailing Club

cruising club

If you’re ready to save and have your own crew

Jibset Club

Our JIB SET Club which is an awesome life-giving community that allows you and others to join together and sail. With it comes exclusive benefits and offers. Learn more below

A red sail on the bay has been a long standing sign of a great group of people committed to making sailing accessible in the busy city. Originally founded in 1968, thousands of people have had a great time sailing and learning together and that flavour continues with shared access and a mentoring spirit running through the club.

Active membership allows you to join our unique member-run events.

Qualified skippers have daysailing access to our Martin 244 keelboats, while up to four (4) crew members may join the skipper on one boat. UNLIMITED members have UNLIMITED daysailing access, while qualified skippers on the PUNCH CARD system may redeem one (1) punch for every four hours of daysailing.

Active membership also allows you access to extended club trips and flotillas – a chance for the whole Cooper Boating community to get together and share their love of cruising.

If you want to learn to sail, or you’re an experienced sailor who doesn’t want the expense of maintaining your own boat, or you’re looking for an exciting way to get on the water – JIB SET is for you.   
Our members enjoy:
Learn to Sail
  • Affordable lessons with accredited instructors
  • Crew mentor programs in boat handling to become a skipper
Recreational Sailing
  • Unlimited sailing without the expense of owning your own boat
  • Day trips to Bowen Island
  • Week-end flotillas in the summer
  • Weekly Friday Night races
  • Beginners are encouraged to sign up as crew. It’s a great way to improve your skills by sailing with the top skippers in the club.
  • Black Eye Cup Annual Race
Social Activities
  • Parties held frequently in our club house called “the crow’s nest”
  • Frequent casual Barbecues after Friday night races
  • Season kick off parties through to holiday wind up in December
  • Free programs in core competencies such as boat control, safety on the water and navigation, add engine and rig maintenance, ropes and knots, passage planning for cruising, cooking at sea, radio communications and electronics – and on and on
  • Boating flotillas
  • members receive 15% off most COOPER courses (all Level One & Two programs)
  • members have year-round access to the Martin 244 sailboats, 7 days per week. Four crew positions per sailing may be filled by any member or guest of a member. (See Club Handbook)
  • best rates on 1-4 day charters of larger club yachts
  • members receive 4 free Guest Passes per year and this fee applies to passes beyond that. In addition, any member logging more than 20 hours service to the club per year can trade each additional hour for a guest pass.
  • oppourtunity to purchase cruising dollars
  • other “member exclusive” events – no charge
Unlimited Members have to do 20 hours per year in order to to be exempt from the $200 annual fee.
Associate Members have to put in 10 hours per year in order to be exempt from the $200 annual fee.

JIB SET is run by its members, so you can pitch in and help with things like…

Membership Drives            Cookouts
                   Race Administration            Marketing
Club Administration            Boat Maintenance

New members are automatically assigned Crew status.  Skipper status will be assigned by the Executive Committee based on the member’s sailing résumé, or sailing experienced gained. Associate members are regular crew members of a full member and their sailing is limited to sailing with that member.  

A member and their associate have the benefit of ensuring sailing can occur any day they are both available – single handing is currently limited to those members with ADVANCED or INSTRUCTOR levels.


RED Punch-card holding members
  • Obtained from Certain Courses
  • Up to 8 hours on the water for free


A member who joins for free through our MEETUP SITE
$ 0 Monthly
  • Access to the Meetup Community Site
  • Access to Specific Member Events


An unlimited member has all the benefits of the club
$ 169 Monthly
  • Unlimited Access to Daysail Outboard Vessels
  • Best Charter Rates on Inboard Vessels
  • Best Prices on Courses and Events
  • Full Access to All Member Events
  • Special Guest Privileges

Please call for more details!

Cooper Cruising Club

The COOPER CRUISING CLUB is a community that is perfect for you if you are looking to charter for more than 20 days a year. With it comes exclusive benefits and offers. Learn more below.

The COOPER CRUISING CLUB (CCC) is a fantastic option for those looking to charter more than 20+ DAYS PER YEAR

The CRUISING CLUB offers built in savings for our best clients who have their own charter parties (groups of family & / or friends!).

With ‘standing acceptance’ of the standard charter terms, there is no need to complete paperwork each time you head out on the water.

Some of our CCC members spend much of their time on the same boat at the best rates, coming and going from our facilities as if they owned the boat, without any of the hassles associated with ownership.

Please note that we will only be accepting new members to the COOPER CRUISING CLUB (CCC) during the months of OCTOBER to DECEMBER each year.



We understand that for many, sailing someone else’s yachts just doesn’t compare to the pride in owning and maintaining your own yacht and being a member of the CCC before you buy makes perfect sense.  It can help prospective boat owners make informed decisions before such a major purchase – determining what features, makes and models will best suit your needs ~ because you can turn the boat back to us and get back to your life, you might actually find ownership overrated.

The COOPER CRUISING CLUB offers power & sailing yachts of all sizes – in fact,  every boat in the COOPER fleet is currently available to CCC members.

COOPER CRUISING CLUB members purchase cruising dollars which can be redeemed for time on our yachts ~ one hundred cruising dollars are purchased by the club member for $80 but can be redeemed for $100 (20% discount) worth of charter time. Payments are taken middle of each month by pre-authorized bank withdrawal. Club members have three basic levels of membership to choose from:

  • $400 per month ($4,800 per year), affords the member $6,000 worth of charter time
  • $650 per month ($7,800 per year), affords the member $9,750 worth of charter time
  • $800 per month ($9,600 per year), affords the member $12,000 worth of charter time

We can also customize your payments to match your charter needs

Initiation for the club is currently $699 + GST

Monthly amounts moving forward have the built in discounts ~ add to this the other benefits ~ the savings add up to our best value for our best clientele

  • members receive 15% off most COOPER courses (all Level One & Two programs)
  • one day surcharges are waived – we are delighted to offer short bookings to our members without the normal up-charge for this privilege
  • discount insurance rates available
  • no lengthy contracts or approvals each time you cruise ~ the fleet works on a standard contract & your standing acceptance of those terms allows for simplicity
  • express checkouts – as you get to know a particular vessel, you are able to get on the water faster on subsequent sailings

There is a MINIMUM ONE YEAR COMMITMENT TO THE CLUB. After that anniversary, there is no obligation to stay in the club and club members may cancel at anytime with written notice acknowledged back in writing by our office.

Feel free to sign up, and if the documentation and complete program does not meet your needs and expectations, we offer a risk free 72 hours to cancel with no cancellation penalty.

Entry Level

Affords the member $6,000 worth of Charter Time
$ 400 Monthly
  • ($4,800 per year)
  • 20% discount on Charter Time
  • Member-Only Events


Affords the member $9,750 worth of Charter Time
$ 650 Monthly
  • ($7,800 per year)
  • 20% discount on Charter Time
  • Member-Only Events


Affords the member $12,000 worth of Charter Time
$ 800 Monthly
  • ($9,600 per year)
  • 20% discount on Charter Time
  • Member-Only Events

Please call for more details!

All Boat Enthusiasts and Great People are Wanted in
the Cooper Community

While the two clubs serve different needs, all members are part of the COOPER COMMUNITY. All shore events including free member clinics & socials are open to a member of either club at COOPER. Shore events are organized through the JIB SET meetup group (free for all to join).

Meetup members who do not belong to either of the two clubs above are welcomed as SOCIAL members. There are many events open to SOCIAL members through our community.

We love to have as many people out on our cruising & racing events as we can. Boat access does come with the paid memberships at COOPER, so ensure you plug into the best program possible for that.

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