COOPER BOATING has set high standards for our courses and graduates of our CORE PROGRAMS may obtain certification with Transport Canada's Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) , Sail Canada's Cruising Standards, or International Yacht Training's International Certificate of Competency (ICC). our CLINICS are meant to dive deeper into specific topics

to help you find the best program for your current level, please consider our 3 basic experience levels:

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Name  Stephen DesRoches Picture
Joined  Thu, Nov. 13  
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Location  Richmond
About me The call of the water happened decades ago - it wasn't until the beginning of this century I heeded the call. From the CYA Basic Cruising course to CYA Intermediate Instructor, I've been there, done it all. Come join me on the water as we perfect the technique of rescuing "Fifi" the floating rescue dog (not a 'real' dog): Crew Overboard Rescue - a skill you hope you'll never need to use, but secure knowing you can perform it when it matters!

Certifications: CYA Basic/Intermediate Instructor, IYT Instructor


Our approach to teaching boating is simple -- we focus on hands-on experience under the guidance of skilled and patient instructors. All of our courses lead to internationally recognized Canadian Yachting Association certification, and all our instructors have surpassed CYA teaching standards.

Registering as an Instructor

Cooper Boating Instructors must be qualified prior to registration. To register yourself as an instructor make a request by telephone at 604-687-4110 or to After your member account has been created you can begin requesting to teach courses on specific dates within the system.

Signing-up to teach Course(s)

Once you have been approved and registered as an Instructor, you may request to teach any one of the courses currently offered, provided there is not an Instructor already registered for that course date. To request to teach a course on a specific date:

  1. Login.
  2. Browse the Courses and select one from the list.
  3. Beside the available dates the system will display the Instructors name if there is already one registered to teach this course on this date. If not, an alternate link is provided allowing Instructors to make a request to teach this specific course. Click on "request to teach". *Note: this link is only available once you have logged in as an approved and registered Instructor.
  4. Confirm that you would like to make the request to teach the Course on that date. Your request will be sent to Cooper Boating administration. Courses that you are registered to teach and that are pending approval for registration are shown within your "Member Account".

Requesting to cancel teaching a Course

Courses pending approval can be dropped at any time. However, once you have been approved and registered to teach a specific course, you must contact Cooper Boating administration to request to cancel teaching a course. Please provide as much time in advance of the course date as possible to allow for Instructor substitution, or if necessary, re-scheduling and/or cancellation.